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The sunny skies and warm weather in the Bahamas makes this chain of islands a popular vacation destination. The Bahamas' sub-tropical and tropical climate keeps the crystal clear water warm year-round. The Gulf Stream and Trade Winds help to maintain even temperatures throughout the year, ranging from 20 to 30 degrees C during the day and 17 to 21 degrees C at night. Sea temperatures range between 23 degrees C in February and 28 degrees C in August.

Complete Nassau Bahamas weather including; current temperature, humidity, wind speed, barometer, dew point, heat index and wind chill. Plus, sun and moon information for Nassau Bahamas.  

Weather for Freeport and Grand Bahama Island - includes current conditions and a 24 hour forecast. An illustrated Exuma Bahamas weather forecast is also available.

Check current weather conditions for individual Bahamas islands.

View active tropical storms for the Bahamas, and the North Atlantic or Caribbean area. Track tropical storms, get the latest hurricane tracking positions with satellite maps, shows average wind speeds, direction and barometric pressure for active tropical storm systems.

Customize Bahamas Weather by setting your own weather page options. Select the type of forecast. Choose between forecasts for the Bahamas, or any US or international location. Radar maps are available for US cities only.

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